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  • Christina Thompson

Cancer Sun with Leo Moon

A person who is Cancer Sun Leo Moon has an amazing combination, that of the Leo Moon giving sensitive and creative Cancer the ability to think creatively. You possess the ability, capacity, and the most important thing, confidence to succeed in everything you decide to accomplish.

In contrast to most Cancers You don't have the urge to protect your feelings. You can express your thoughts and feelings freely because you are confident in who you are. Your personal charm, magnetism, and self-confidence leaves you with a little inhibitions, and help contribute to your personal success. Success is extremely important to you, as your Leo nature has a deep desire for recognition, status and praise. Happiness is only realized when you're sure you've earned your respect and admiration as well, in some cases, the recognition you feel is due to you in your life.

It's a rare Cancer Sun Leo Moon individual that doesn't possess unusually strong creativity. At one time or another in your life, you've likely felt attracted toward the creative arts. Your creative spirit, bravery and perseverance are beneficial to any field that emphasizes aesthetics, including design, film music, architecture, and design to name a few examples.

If you're born under the Moon in Cancer Leo Moon, pride and self-confidence are issues. Though you're patient and determined you're not able to react well to criticism, and you have a difficult time taking the inevitable setbacks and frustrations that gifted individuals have to face in moving towards self-actualization. A large part of this is due to determination.

If you're the sign of a Cancer Moon Leo Moon, you feel intuitively "right" most of the time. No one is able to convince you that you are not. "How do I convince anyone to ask me questions?" you often wonder to yourself. Aristocratic rigidity in your attitude to changes or instructions could be a fatal fault.

The most spectacular beginnings and early advancements are typical for people with an Cancer Sun Leo Moon, however, the first occasion you face the loss or defeat could be difficult. When your pride or vanity is wounded, it will take an extended time to heal. A martyr's mental illness can develop, and you might be happy to be sat in the corner, resenting the fact that your talent is not being recognized by an unjust and undeserved world.

If you're someone who has an Cancer Moon Leo Moon, it is important to be aware that regardless of in defeat, there's always something to learn. Make sure to benefit from your experience and sound suggestions, or you'll be unable to see a bright future.

If you're born with the Cancer Moon Leo Moon, you have an intense desire to gain social acceptance. Additionally, your charisma and kindness draw people towards you. Pay attention to the tendency to influence others for your benefit. In all the empathy and compassion the main priority is your own wellbeing.

A cancer Sun Leo Moon, in romantic relationships, you're a bit of a paradox when you're engaged in an affair which is running smoothly, you're the ideal lover However, when things start to go off, you'll be looking for the most convenient exit.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon individuals are extremely romantic and sexually attractive however, they are primarily self-centered. In a position to give a lot, you are expecting more in the return. In addition, you believe that you need to be constantly reminded of how amazing you are. The same kind of flattery affects your judgement in picking the perfect partner. You're a sexy and will usually quit the party with whomever you want to Be careful!

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