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  • Christina Thompson

Cancer Sun with Taurus Moon

If you're born with the Cancer Sun Taurus Moon, your character is sweet beautiful, sweet and gentle. However, the real reason behind your charming personality lies the stability, determination and the inner force that is the Bull. The disguise of your fragileness and shyness is actually an disguise for your inner shrewdness , shrewdness, and confidence.

If you're a person with a Cancer Sun Taurus Moon, after a lot of reflection--and some bumps in the road, you have developed an ever-present guard to prevent others from betray your strengths. You're pretty confident about yourself and can think about others' intentions. Cancers often employ many ways to defend themselves and escape and you've tested them all. But in the end, you've been able to count on your determination and experience to protect yourself from the challenges of life.

If you're born with a Cancer Sun Taurus Moon, you can be flexible to the people around you , however you never lose your identity And even while you're considerate to others' needs, you don't always consider their advice to be a serious matter. You live your life according to your sense of intuition for guidance. Instinctive and stubborn, you struggle to overcome first impressions or understanding an injury from the past. This mental rigidity could turn out to be your downfall.

If you're born with an Cancer Sun Taurus Moon, because you believe that you have the right answer and critics confuse you. It's almost impossible to admit that you're incorrect. You are a master at transferring the blame or guilt you incurred onto someone else usually the one closest to you.

If you're a person who has the Cancer Sun Taurus Moon, you're likely to lose the temper, and turning deranged in when there is the first sign that there is a danger to your mental or physical security, or if someone attempts convincing you you might be mistaken. You should learn to be less sceptical of other people's motives, and differentiate between helpful guidance and vengeance.

This Cancer Sun Taurus Moon combination is a great opportunity for creativity actions and thought. You are a creative thinker and all your actions are full of the zing and creativity. However, this overactive imagination could create irrational fears, belief systems or even anxiety. Make sure to utilize it in a constructive manner and you'll be able to accomplish virtually any creative task. If you are too immersed in your imagination, you're in the danger of falling depressed.

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