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  • Christina Thompson

Gemini Sun with Pisces Moon

If you're a Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon, you're blessed with an extremely complex and multi-faceted personality. Gemini is more objective and analytical; yet, in a paradox, Pisces is sympathetic, emotionally sensitive, and incredibly impressionable. You may think you are cool, distant and sophisticated, however there are instances that you feel overwhelmed by compassion.

If you are Gemini Sun Pisces Moon You are incredibly sensitive and emotionally vulnerable especially in your youth. Experience and a few rough blows have taught you how to hide and often hide your feelings.

If you're a person who is a Gemini Sun Pisces Moon, you are likely to justify your issues and your aura of detachment and sophistication hides the real sensitivity. There is a chance of losing the feeling of your emotions completely and then having a tough to find satisfaction. Find ways to be respectful of your inner natureand confront your emotions honestly, in openness and honestly, instead of hiding your feelings in an intellectual hazard.

If you're a person with Gemini Sun-Pisces moon because you're so influenced and influenced, you tend to take on the moods, experiences and feelings of others close to you. Be careful that those around you, especially people who are more assertive don't gain influence or control over your actions. Check your relationships with your closest friends. You must ensure that the people you are interacting with are supportive, healthy and tolerant of your desires.

When you're experiencing the Gemini Moon, the Sun is Pisces Moon instead of simply letting yourself be influenced by a tidal wave of emotional undercurrents and sensations Learn to manage your environment and destiny. The intuition of yours is the most reliable guide in life and you're usually able to determine the best thing for you. Try to remain independent and develop confidence in the guidance of your sixth sense. The religion of your choice is usually a great source of hope and comfort in the lives of many Gemini Sun Pisces Moon-related individuals.

If you're the Gemini Sun Pisces Moon, you possess many talents that can be expressed creatively in the Piscean Moon can give the communicative Gemini an intense desire to think and create. Additionally, you have excellent marketing and business abilities as your intuition can tell that people are looking for exactly what they need. With their high regard for the ability to reasoning and their importance to education many Gemini Sun Pisces Moon individuals are excellent academics and teachers. Whatever you do you are renowned for your commitment and sagacity and you adhere to an ethical code that is high-quality.

If you're Gemini Sun-Pisces moon the other sex is attracted by your charming mannerisms and incisive, subtle intelligence. You're very romantic in personality, however you must utilize all the power of discernment and intuition when selecting the right partner. Highly sensitive and susceptible to injury in romantic relationships, it is important to look for a partner who is as observant and kind like you. One who is as generous and giving the same amount as will take.

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