• Christina Thompson

Leo Sun with Aquarius Moon

When you're the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, you're calm and distant, you possess an extremely gentle kind, almost innocent manner of speaking and. You are not frightened by anxiety, confusion or the everyday aspects of life because your vision is expansive, vast and abstract. Most people would be unaware of the intensity, ambition and far-sighted imaginative visions you hide underneath that casual exterior.

When you are in the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon combination The Sun as well as the Moon are in conflict which suggests that your childhood was likely to be challenging. The effort to overcome these difficulties in resulted in an inner sense of self-confidence and self-reliance in you. This also forced you to look at yourself from a different angle.

In contrast to other Leos, when you have an Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, you're introspective, and the wisdom you've gained by looking inside causes you to help others. Since you are able to see your weaknesses and appreciate your numerous talents and talents, your judgement isn't affected by the ego or superficial thoughts.

If you're an Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, with your strong idealistic and compassionate beliefs, you've probably thought you've got a purpose in your life. Whatever your mission might be, once you've thought about it, you will pursue it with a calm and steady determination.

When you're born with the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, you're not flamboyant or arrogant. You regard people as equals and probably reside in an unpretentious, modest manner. But there's something that distinguishes you from others The way you approach life is a casual appearance of apathy, and people gravitate to you because they believe you are the one with "the solution."

The majority of Leo Sun Aquarius Moon-related people tend to become leaders by birth. The power of imagination and inner strength can help you put the dreams and ideas of yours into practice. You're creative and unique and your approach to a problem can be the most inventive. You see things from a wide and detached view, which could be the reason you are often apathetic and naive. It is difficult to keep track of details because you're better in focusing on the bigger perspective.

When you're born with the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, even though you are a rational person however, you could have a remarkable sense of intuition and a strong instinct that can guide your actions. You are averse to dislikes, likes, and big decisions are generally determined by your feelings about the situation or person rather than your thoughts. However, there are occasions when total belief in the power of your sixth sense could be risky for you and for others.

If you are the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, when in the management job, you may follow your instincts to a certain extent, however, you must be attentive to the facts. Develop the ability to adjust to the demands and opinions of your colleagues. You're not always correct, so be open to the things your colleagues say every now and then. To be truly inventive or constructive, it's crucial that you be able to work in sync with the values of the people around you.

Leo Sun Aquarius Moon Leo Sun Aquarius Moon individual is also required to develop patience. If you experience an excessive amount of frustration or you feel that your desires won't be realized and you start to feel depressed, you could turn unstable, moody and even oppressive. Make an effort to be more pragmatic in your forecasts for the future by putting less obligation for yourself to make an imagined deadline. You'll achieve success in a much shorter time, and with lower wear and tear in the event that you're willing to go one step at a time.

Being a Leo Moon Aquarius Moon in romantic relationships, you're sensitive and emotionally connected with your partner. However, you aren't able to break off a good relationship if the relationship begins to go south. There is no waiting around for you! Variety is the hallmark of the Leo-Aquarian lifestyle, and so there are many possibilities for you to be involved in.


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