• Christina Thompson

Leo Sun with Taurus Moon

If you're born with the Leo Sun Taurus Moon, you're determined, stubborn confident, courageous, and determined. You take your decisions and actions serious. In general, you're at peace and calm: in short, a solid defender of common sense and wisdom. However, when you're in an anxious or stressful situation or when things don't go your way, you're quite the opposite: temperamental and erratic, even dictatorial.

A sense of weight is prevalent in those who are a Leo Sun Taurus Moon individual. The dramatic, intense and intent there are only certain things you want in life, and they can be all-consuming. Afraid of the material You seek the power and status to enjoy the comfort and pleasure they bring. As with most Leos they are somewhat of an egomaniac. With confidence in yourself and complete confidence in you strengths and the ability to discern, you are determined to realize your dreams and goals. You are extremely ambitious!

As both the signs that make up Leo Sun Taurus Moon Leo Sun Taurus Moon combination are fixed You have the fervent determination to attain the heights that you think you are entitled to. But, despite your impressive qualities, you could become your own worst enemy. Insecurity and rigidity can blind your senses and cause you to be unconsciously sabotaging your personal efforts.

If you're born with a Leo Sun Taurus Moon, you're pragmatic and have an expansive and vast perspective, however, the absolute confidence you have in your own abilities often leads you to ignore or deny the opinions of other people. How many times have you ignored what other people have said but only to find out you were wrong later?

If you're born with an Leo Sun Taurus Moon, you can be a dazzling source of imagination, but only after you've learned how to collaborate with other people. Because you can't be 100% right all the time, be open your eyes to little bit of guidance. Let go in your beliefs and be able to be open to different points of view. You may be a natural an entrepreneur, however the most effective leaders are able to be willing to make compromises now and then.

If you're a person who has the Leo Sun Taurus Moon, it's hard to accept the defeat. If you don't get what you want, it can throw you into depression, and you're vulnerable to moody fits, and often take the blame for your anger onto others surrounding you. This is due to a enormous pride and ego that you have. Everyone, except for those who are fortunate, will achieve continuous success. All of us must be able to accept disappointments every at times. Take a step back from your daily activities.

For those who have a Leo Sun Taurus Moon, in the end, happiness and peace will only come from within. When you are feeling frustrated or angry, don't try to take the situation so seriously. Instead, consider it from a distance and gain knowledge from the experience instead of pondering it. Find a way to channel the tension and energy into artistic exercises. Instead of dumping things onto your kids or coworkers, consider sports or meditation or art. You'll need a variety of distractions to avoid becoming focused on one particular goal or target.

As a Leo Sun Taurus Moon individual is sensitive and earthy. A sexually healthy lifestyle is crucial to ensuring your well-being and happiness. You're not very romantic and tend to be sloppy about affection. A lot of relationships are likely to be for Leo Sun Taurus Moon-related person. Beware of jealousy and over-possessiveness Be sure to be respectful of your partner's rights and needs.


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